Supporting the Server | Donations

Hello Everyone,
I’ve been asked a few time how people can help support the server so I’ve implemented a donation system. Donations will help carry the cost of the server, forums, hosting, etc. If you want to earmark your donation for my beer fund, please note that specifically :roll: Any donation is appreciated but there is no obligation at all! There is no special treatment or preference for donating so please don’t ask.

To reward those that want to support the server, I’ve implemented a simple credit system if you choose to use them. Some helpful items are available on the vendor and I will continue to add items if they make sense. All of the items are things that you can get in-game or items that shouldn’t offer any substantial advantage. The vendor is named Edmond and is currently available in the Nexus.

I will give credits to a character of your choice at the rate of 10 ProFusion Credits per $1 donated. I would prefer donations to be at a minimum of $5 since I have to process them manually.

How to donate:
Donations should be submitted via PayPal using the “Send to Friend” option at this address: Important: If you want credits, please make sure that you list your character name in the notes so I know who to apply them to!

Note: Processing these is manual. I will get notified immediately but it may take me a while to apply the credits. If you don’t see the credites within 24 hours, please let me know on Discord.

If you would like to support the server in other ways, please reach out to me on Discord with details.

[color=#999999]Items Currently On the Vendor (subject to change)
Starter Pack

  • 400 Credits: Starter Pack: Level70, T1 Equiv Armor, Epic 2.0 Token, T1 Complete Flag, 100K plat, & 1.5Kaa


  • 50 Credits: 500 AA Token
  • 80 Credits: 1000 AA Token
  • 50 Credits: $100K Platinum


  • 150 Credits: Free click aggrobear
  • 50 Credits: Singular Boots of Incredible Speed
  • 120 Credits: Shared Boots of Incredible Speed
  • 150 Credits: Supporters Call - Summon Group!
  • 80 Credits: Yo’ Momma So Fat’ Stone (Aggro Aug)
  • 900 Credits: Bling Bling: Ring of the Rainmaker Rk. 50


  • 600 Credits: Sealed Eternity Loop
  • 900 Credits: Earring of immortality - Complete
  • 1000 Credits: A Great Perspective
  • 1100 Credits: Supreme Overlord Earring
  • 100 Credits: Epic Gemstone of Immortality
  • 200 Credits: Perspective of an Immortal
  • 300 Credits: Overlords Anguish Stone


  • 300 Credits: Tier 2 Completion Ticket
  • 400 Credits: Tier 3 Completion Ticket
  • 500 Credits: Tier 4 Completion Ticket
  • 600 Credits: Tier 5 Completion Ticket
  • 700 Credits: Tier 6 Completion Ticket