ProFusion Server Rules

While I will call out specific rules and they will evolve over time, the general principal of the server is to play nice, respect each other, and do the right thing. I don’t want to ban anyone if possible and will usually give warnings or suspensions to let someone cool off.

See a corpse you want to loot but you didn’t kill? Ask the person that killed it if they are still around. Someone camping a boss spawn? Ask them to let you know when they are done. Play nice, have fun,

That said, here are the rules of the road:

  • Don’t Exploit - Bugs will be introduced at times, do not intentionally profit or spread the damage by an obviously broken mechanic.
  • Don’t Kill Steal - If someone is working towards a target don’t jump in front of them or try to out DPS. Accidents happen but you know what this means.
  • Play Nice, Don’t Grief Others - This is a fine line and it’s subjective, but if you are doing things to intentionally make someones experience crappy, you are breaking this rule.
  • No AFK Playing - This server is intended to be played from a keyboard, preferably socially, with friends. It is not for you to kick off a macro then come back when you wake up to collect your loot.
  • Box Away - You shouldn’t require a box army to defeat content, but if you want to box and as long as you follow the rules, go crazy.
  • Use Warp with Caution - I don’t have a problem with Warp to go from point A to point B. If you are using it to circumvent a mechanic or leapfrog someone, it’s going to be a problem.
  • Zone Aggro - Don’t use zone-wide aggro items in a public zone if anyone else is present.

If you think a rule is missing or unclear, please let me know here and I will add clarity.

Someone Breaking a Rule? - The best option would be to get a video of it in some form or another. Alternatively, you can PM me on Discord and I can take a look.

More Details on Using Warp
I’ve said it to folks in-game and I’ll post it here also. I’m not a fan of warp and I don’t use it when I’m playing. It takes enjoyment out of the game for me personally. That said, I know a lot of folks do enjoy using warp and at this point I’m totally ok with it being used in ways that don’t violate the rules above. I’ve only had a couple reports of folks using it to leapfrog, bypass intended mechanic, etc. and each time it was an accident and it was talked out. If it gets to be where everyone is sitting AFK warp-macroing to clear zones 24x7 to amass rare items, I will either put in punitive warp/loot code or just take it off the ‘acceptable’ list. In other words, please play nice with it and don’t misuse! Most of you know that warping, item clicks, etc. are logged in the server anyways.

Macro’s, Automations, Etc.
The game is not meant to be a burden and I would encourage you use Macro’s wherever possible. Need to loot all those corpses? Use a macro! Want to give commands to your boxes? Use EQBC! This is a ‘you know it when you see it’ category. If you can sit and watch Netflix while your character plays itself throughout a zone, you’ve gone too far. Again, if you are taking action, you should be at keyboard playing!

Item Refunds
While I want and hope that everyone enjoys the server and content, I also have a career, kids, wife, etc. that I have to tend to and I can’t be online all the time. When I do get online, I very much prefer to spend time tweaking content, creating new things, or just playing a character and beating up npc’s! With that in mind, I would advise that you know what you are doing before randomly handing items into NPC’s. Most NPC’s should have return-item code built in, but just in case, check the wiki or ask someone. I am not planning to offer refunds for everything that gets turned in to the wrong NPC on accident. If the server broke or a bug burned you, I will certainly work to make it right, but just awareness that you should ask if unsure about turn-ins!

What Happens if I Break the Rules?!
Again, I don’t want to be the bad guy, but I’ll try to find a response that is equitable to to the offense. Warning, de-level, strip items or advancement, suspension, single account ban, all accounts banned by IP, etc. are all possibly responses depending on the issue. I don’t want folks living in fear or an issue and generally things would progress from raising awareness / warning, into more harsh measures. You won’t get banned without knowing why and having it be an obvious reason.