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About the Eq Profusion Informations category 1 June 13, 2019
Files download to play

Client and custom files download zone. Everquest Rof2 : Torrent Downloader - http://tinyurl.com/rof2dl (Run the script as administrator) Google Drive Zip File - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzzitQWXN_ImQ2YtUU1I…

2 June 13, 2019
Supporting the Server | Donations

Hello Everyone, I’ve been asked a few time how people can help support the server so I’ve implemented a donation system. Donations will help carry the cost of the server, forums, hosting, etc. If you want to earmark y…

2 June 13, 2019
ProFusion Server Rules

While I will call out specific rules and they will evolve over time, the general principal of the server is to play nice, respect each other, and do the right thing. I don’t want to ban anyone if possible and will usual…

2 June 13, 2019
Https://eqprofusion.com/wiki/ 1 June 13, 2019
Https://eqprofusion.com/clone/ 1 June 13, 2019
Https://discord.io/eqprofusion 1 June 13, 2019